highlights from knitting through norway, april 2022

We traveled with host Carla Scott and attended knitting workshop with Norwegian knitters Anneli Belsvik Aras and Siri Angela Gamborg.

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Norway 2022 Trip Details


The group was given a private tour of Heimen Husflid, Oslo’s largest selection of yarn & knitting patterns. We visited the Folk Museum with a guided tour of the knitting and Bundad exhibitions and enjoyed a private tour of the Stave Church established in 1180. At the Værbitt Garn workshop the knitters were taught a challenging technique.


After a scenic drive through the scenic Valdres valley the group arrived for their stay on the fjord in Ulvik. We visited the family run Syse Farm, touring their sheep and cider operations and enjoyed a lunch on the amongst the fruit trees. We spent several hours in a workshop with local knitters and artisans and learnt how to spin yarn from wool. The group spent a day cruising on the Aurland and Nærøy fjords and rode on the Flåm Railway.


We cruised on the Aurland and Nærøyfjords and rode on the Flåm Railway.


We visited two of Norways’ most famous sweater factors, Dale Sweaters and Oleana, enjoyed a Be our Guest dinner with a local family on the Øvre Eide Farm. We went on a guided tour and workshop at the Norwegian Knitting Museum. We took part in a workshop on Norwegian hand knitting inspired by traditional patterns. We visited the Magic Ice bar and enjoy a cloudberry cocktail while viewing ice sculptures inspired by the paintings of Edvard Munch



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